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PD-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV ( comma seperated value ) files
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8 July 2011

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Palm Desktop is a handy dandy technology that helps the user to store all his information in the palm of his hand, literally. It acts as a database to store all sorts of contact related information and data which might have names, addresses, emails etc and other such contact information. Palm Desktops is a great way to keep information close to you while you are on the move and this is exactly what works in its favor. Sometimes the user wants to work on another format and has to transfer his data from his Palm Desktop but in another format. This can prove to become a great burden to the user. PD-CSV ConverterĀ 2.4 can help the user to convert PD format to CSV format for easy accessibility.

Making life ten times easier, PD-CSV ConverterĀ 2.4 converts the complex Palm Desktop into more renowned format called the CSV (Comma separated value) format. This format is very useful as it is compatible with most of the major software application and can be accessed easily and quickly. The conversion process is quite quick and can be done within seconds depending on the amount of information and data that needs to be converted. It also has many functions that allow the user to tackle any kind of situation with ease without it becoming too much of a problem. There will be no issues related to the interface as it is very easy to use and simple to understand which makes life easier to deal with. While converting the files from PD to CSV the software application makes sure not to create any kind of hassles related to data deletion or damage.

By converting the PD format to a more simplified format called CSV, PD-CSV ConverterĀ 2.4 is letting the user work with the information in a much easier manner. It gets a score of 3 out of 5 for giving the user an error free service.

Publisher's description

PD-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV ( comma seperated value ) files.
PD-CSV Converter works with the four Palm Desktop personal information management programs:
. Contacts ( or Address Book )
. Calendar ( or Date Book )
. Tasks ( or Todo List )
. Memos ( or Memo Pad )
PD-CSV Converter can convert information between these Palm Desktop programs to CSV files.
As you know, Palm Desktop also supports importing / exporting contact information with CSV files. While PD-CSV Converter is much more powerful than the Palm Desktop built-in CSV conversion utility.
. Palm Desktop only supports contact / CSV conversion. PD-CSV Converter supports the conversion of contact, calendar, tasks and memos.
. PD-CSV Converter provides a wizard style interface lets you convert the information step by step.
. PD-CSV Converter supports custom fields. You may insert additional information when converting data to CSV files.
. When you export information to CSV files, you may choose to create new CSV files or append the information to the existed CSV files.
. And much more...
PD-CSV Converter
PD-CSV Converter
Version 2.4
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